Road Safety At Work Week 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in Road Safety At Work Week, March 5-9, 2018. You have improved the safety of your employees who drive for work.

Congratulations to the organizations that have been awarded one of three $250 prizes.

And the winners are...

Northern Mat and Bridge LP

Northern Mat and Bridge LP manufactures, rents, sells and installs temporary access solutions for the energy industry including swamp mats, crane mats and rig mats.

The organization kicked off Road Safety At Work Week with a message from its president with information about how the organization intended to participate. This included incentives to employees who took one of Road Safety At Work’s online courses – 25 did during the Week – and they have decided to make the winter driving course online course mandatory.

In addition, 10 employees completed the Road Safety At Work Snapshot while the organization posted on Twitter and Facebook and sent daily safe driving tips to its employees.


Hollyburn Properties Limited

Hollyburn Properties owns, manages and operates rental apartment buildings in Vancouver as well as a number of other Canadian cities.

Hollyburn equipped all of its company-owned vehicles with emergency kits and re-introduced its company-owned vehicle-use policy.

It also decided to create an employee-owned vehicle-use policy to ensure that all Hollyburn employees understand the importance of working safely while driving their own vehicle.

It distributed daily email driving safety bulletins and will continue to promote safe driving on a regular basis at department meetings.

It also identified driving hazards and assessed the associated risks and is working to eliminate or minimize those risks.


The College of New Caledonia Facilities Services Maintenance Team

The College of New Caledonia’s Facilities Services Maintenance team made road safety its safety topic of the month for March.

The team held a tailgate meeting about distracted driving best practices and discussed the College’s driving policies.

Each team member was also shown how to put their phones on driving mode.

Each of its team members took the distracted driving quiz which was turned into a game with the winner getting bragging rights. They also printed off brochures and put them on their safety wall.

They will continue the focus on employee driving safety with another tailgate meeting about vehicle inspections scheduled soon.


Road Safety At Work Week 2019 will be March 4 - 8, 2019.

However, you don’t have to wait until then to improve your road safety practices.

This website is full of easy-to-use toolkits, practical resources and free, online courses to help you plan and implement improvements that best address your specific road safety challenges.

Come back here in January 2019 to see what is in store for Road Safety At Work Week 2019.

What is Road Safety At Work Week

It’s a week to make road safety a priority in your organization. It’s important because work-related motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of traumatic workplace death in BC. On average each year, 21 workers are killed and another
1,339 are injured and miss time from work because of work-related crashes.

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Road Safety At Work Week