For employers of people who drive for work

How to involve your team, department or organization with RSAW Week

Improve the safety of your employees when they drive for work by registering your organization for Road Safety At Work Week. After you register, you will need to choose an activity to improve road safety in your organization.

You may already know the aspect of road safety you want to improve. If you don’t, check out choose your activity. Each suggested activity includes links to handy resources you can use to plan and implement your road safety improvement.

Tool Kits may also help you identify the particular aspect of road safety you want to work on. It also contains useful tools to help you plan and implement the activity you decide on.

If appropriate, discuss the options with your team and or/department to get their input. Engaging employees at the outset will help make implementation a lot easier as they will know their opinions have been taken into consideration. If you need help in choosing an activity, please contact us.

Key dates

Road Safety At Work Week is March 5 - 9. However, the sooner you identify your activity and plan how to implement it, the better. You can start anytime between now and March 9. And, your activity doesn’t have to be completely finished by the end of Road Safety At Work Week. As long as you have started on the improvement and return to to tell us what you did by March 19, you will receive a Certificate of Participation and be eligible for one of three $250 prizes to share with your team.

You will also be able to attach documents, pictures or videos to show us the improvements you made and how they contributed to employees being safer when they drive for work. If you permit, we will share your submission on our website and in future promotions of Road Safety At Work Week.

After you have registered, send a message to your employees letting them know your organization will be participating in Road Safety At Work Week. Publish a story about Road Safety At Work Week in your company eletter or magazine or on your Intranet.

If you are holding safety events, Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS), staff or tailgate meetings between now and March 5, reference Road Safety At Work Week in your presentations and distribute handouts such as postersactivities to complete during Road Safety At Week and the 10 reasons to participate.

Place Road Safety at Work Week banner ads, with a hyperlink to Road Safety At Work Week, in your own publications such as your Intranet, company newsletter or magazine.

The banners come in three sizes:

126px X 126px

300px X 250px

728px X 90px

If you would like us to create a customized version of one of these banners with your own logo displayed, contact Rose Melzer at

Go Social

If you are a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram fan, share the links to the register page and challenge your followers to sign up. Here are some sample messages to get you started.

Follow Road Safety at Work on Twitter @RoadSafeAtWork and retweet its safety messages.

Display and distribute the Road Safety At Work Week poster

  1. Print copies of the Road Safety At Work Week posters and place them in your lobby, meeting rooms, safety message boards or other high-traffic areas before March 5 to help create awareness.
  2. Email copies of the posters to your colleagues and ask them to post them in their workplaces.

Sample campaign launch message to employees and others

Distribute a message to your employees on Monday, March 5 to remind them of Road Safety At Work Week, how you are participating and the benefits of improving worker-driving safety in your organization.

Email signature

Include a message and ad banner about Road Safety At Work Week in your email signature and encourage others to do so as well. Here are some examples:

If you need help

If you would like help planning your participation and how to promote Road Safety At Work Week to your members, please contact us.

Road Safety at Work Week