10 reasons why you should participate in Road Safety At Work Week

  1. 1Improve the safety of your employees when they drive for work

    For many employers, driving is the most dangerous work-related task their employees perform. According to WorkSafeBC, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of traumatic worker deaths in BC. On average, 21 employees are killed and another 1,339 are injured and miss time from work every year due to a workplace motor vehicle crash.
  1. 2Ensure your organization meets its legal obligations for worker safety

    All employers have a legal responsibility for the safety of their employees, including when they are driving or riding in a vehicle for work purposes. That includes company-owned or leased vehicles as well as employee-owned or leased vehicles used for work.
  1. 3Prevent motor vehicle crashes

    Having strong road safety policies, written procedures, practices and effective supervision as well as making sure your employees have the knowledge, skills and equipment they need for the driving tasks you assign them will reduce the risks of a potentially catastrophic crash.
  1. 4Save on the costs of motor vehicle crashes

    The loss of life, or the impact of life-altering physical injuries, of course, cannot be measured. As for the financial costs, they can be significant. Consider the costs of helping a worker and his or her family recover, the effect on co-workers, vehicle repair or replacement costs, lost productivity and worker replacement costs. Add to that the time and effort to investigate the crash and administer all of the above, plus the likelihood of higher insurance costs and the damage to your company’s reputation.
  1. 5Increase employee attraction, retention and loyalty

    Participating in Road Safety At Work Week sends a clear signal to everyone in your organization that road safety matters. It’s an investment that demonstrates your commitment to the health and safety of your employees and the steps you are taking to protect their well-being. This gives you a competitive advantage in your ability to attract and retain employees and instill loyalty over the longer term.
  1. 6It will be a good learning experience

    It might also be a great employee engagement or team-building experience. Bringing employees together in a constructive and collaborative activity designed to protect them, provides a common purpose that can strengthen and engage your team.
  1. 7Your organization will be seen as a road safety leader

    Be one of the growing number of organizations that recognize the importance of road safety, and are taking steps to make work-related driving safer for their employees - and all motorists out on the road.
  1. 8Enhance your brand and reputation

    Participating in and promoting RSAW Week shows your clients and customers, suppliers and contractors, as well as the communities in which you operate, that employee safety matters to your organization.
  1. 9Reduce insurance costs

    Taking action to prevent crashes could reduce the number of crashes in your organization which in turn could reduce your insurance premiums. Not just vehicle insurance and WorkSafeBC premiums but other insurance premiums as well.
  1. 10It’s easy and free

    You will receive a certificate of participation to display in your office and you could win a prize to share with your team. Everything you need to take action is on this website. Or, contact us and we'll help you figure it out.

The bottom line is road safety is smart business.

   Download a PDF list of these reasons

Road Safety At Work Week