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Make improving road safety in your organization a priority during Road Safety at Work Week. Choose an activity below or check out Tool Kits for something that best meets your needs. Whether you operate a fleet of large commercial vehicles, or supervise workers who use their own vehicles for work-related driving, the key is to commit to doing at least one activity during Road Safety At Work Week to improve the safety of your employees when they drive for work.

If you don’t have a team or aren’t participating on behalf of anyone but yourself, you may prefer one of these activities.

Even if you can’t complete the activity during the Week, get as far as you can, and remember to tell us what you did by March 19, 2018 to be entered into a draw to win a prize. If you need help, please contact us directly.

    • Complete the Road Safety Snapshot to assess the current performance of your road safety practices.
      If you don’t have any formal road safety practices, this is a good place to start. The 10-question survey will enable you to compare your practices to compliance requirements, preferred practices and other BC organizations. Ask your team members to complete the Snapshot too and discuss the results at a team meeting. Then, commit to making at least one improvement between now and the end of the year.
    • Complete a Road Safety Risk Assessment to identify your driving-related hazards, evaluate their risks and build effective measures to eliminate or minimize those risks.
      After setting up an account, you can complete the template to produce a customized road safety action plan. Consider sharing it with your team and discussing ways to improve.
    • Build or improve a road safety plan and incorporate it into your formal or informal occupational health and safety (OHS) program.
      This longer-term, but important, project could be started during or before Road Safety At Work Week. The Road Safety Plan Template gives you a good framework to use to plan the project.
    • If you don’t have any road safety policies or procedures or haven't reviewed them for a while, check out: Building Strong Road Safety Policies and Effective Safe Work Procedures for "how to" information and handy examples you can use to build or improve them. If you have them, determine whether they are still relevant and whether employees know and follow them.
    • Conduct ride-alongs with employees to check their driving competencies.
      The Driver Qualifications Tool Kit has what you need to plan and implement this project. Conduct three during Road Safety At Work Week and commit to doing them with all the employees you supervise or manage by the end of the year.
    • Make start-of-shift vehicle inspections a priority.
      If you are already doing it for fleet vehicles, expand the program to include employee-owned vehicles used for work. Set an initial target of having 75 per cent of employees submit completed inspection forms if they drive during Road Safety At Work Week. Increase that to 100 per cent by the end of the year.
    • Implement a journey management process.
      Create your process and introduce it during Road Safety At Work Week. Aim to have at least half of your employees use the TripCheck online tool and submit their trip plans to you when they drive during Road Safety At Work Week. Continue the practice during the rest of the year.
    • Ask your supervisors to conduct at least one tailgate meeting on a road safety topic during Road Safety at Work Week.
      This guide shows how to plan and lead a tailgate meeting on distracted driving but you can customize it to address any other road safety issue important to you and your team. Focus on a different road safety topic during at least one tailgate meeting a month.
    • Have managers build road safety into quarterly and annual meetings.
      Begin management meetings with a safety moment to discuss a timely road safety topic, an incident, or the progress of your road safety program.
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Road Safety At Work Week