How to engage your employees

Deciding together as a team the activity you are going to undertake for Road Safety At Work Week is a great way to build employee engagement. Bringing employees together in a constructive and collaborative activity designed to improve their safety provides a common purpose that can strengthen and engage your team.

Based on your specific circumstances, you may already have identified the activity that best fills the gaps you have identified in your safety program. If not:

  • Talk to your employees or hold a focus groups with employees to gain a better understanding of the driving-related hazards they encounter.
  • Ask employees to take the Road Safety Snapshot and discuss the results.
  • Use the results to identify hazards, evaluate risks and set priorities.
  • Develop an action plan based on your top priorities.
  • Determine the activity you will undertake for Road Safety At Work Week.
  • Determine the roles your team members should undertake. Find out who wants to do what.
  • Establish a project plan and assign responsibilities.
  • Hold regular meetings to assess progress.
  • Summarize what you did and how you did it by March 19 and submit the summary at tell us what you did.

Your activity doesn’t have to be completely finished by the end of Road Safety At Work Week. As long as you have started on the improvement and return to to tell us what you did by March 19, you will receive a Certificate of Participation and be eligible for one of three $250 prizes to share with your team.

You will also be able to attach documents, pictures or videos to show us the improvements you made and how they contributed to employees being safer when they drive for work. If you permit, we will share your submission on our website and in future promotions of Road Safety At Work Week.

Road Safety At Work Week