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Understand your responsibilities for workplace driving

To operate a vehicle on BC roads, you need a vehicle that is road worthy, a driver’s licence and proper insurance. You also need to understand and abide by the rules of the road. Work-related driving – whether it’s in a company vehicle or one that belongs to you – comes with all of those responsibilities, plus a few more.

Just as it is important for your own safety to know and follow regulations regarding working from heights or on a construction site, knowing and following regulations about driving for work will improve your safety when you are behind the wheel.

Even if you believe you are living up to your responsibilities, Road Safety at Work Week is the perfect time to test that belief. Who knows, you might find a gap or two and see opportunities to strengthen your practices and improve road safety – for you and your co-workers. Follow these four easy steps.

  1. Test your knowledge

    Test your knowledge about your road safety responsibilities with this five-question quiz for employees who drive for work.
  2. Expand your knowledge

    Take this free online course. It expands on the quiz with scenarios, videos and activities to give you a practical understanding of key road safety responsibilities. It will also increase your understanding of the responsibilities your employer and your supervisor have and why road safety – and your safety – are important to them.
  3. Know your responsibilities

    The Workers Compensation Act describes broad legal responsibilities for employees who drive for work. Workplace Responsibilities For Drivers explains those responsibilities from a road safety perspective.

    Several other BC statutes, such as the Motor Vehicle Act, Commercial Transport Act, Passenger Transportation Act and their associated Regulations also address the safety of drivers and all other road users – whether they are using the road for work, pleasure or another purpose.

    Collectively, these statutes describe requirements for how vehicles must be operated on BC roads. They deal with driver licensing, vehicle insurance, weights and configurations, driving practices, offences and penalties to name a few. They assign responsibilities to owners, operators and drivers rather than employers and employees. However, these requirements fully apply to work-related driving circumstances.

  4. Take action

    Use your newfound knowledge to make every trip you take as safe as it can be. It’s in your best interests and the best interests of your employer and your family.

What you should know about using your own vehicle for work

About 70 per cent of BC employers allow employees to drive their own vehicles for work-related purposes. If you are one of these employees, here are things you need to know.

  • Your employer will likely provide you with the terms and conditions under which you can use your own vehicle for work. They might even ask you to sign a contract confirming your acceptance of those terms.
  • As the vehicle owner, you are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is operated safely and maintained properly consistent with the Motor Vehicle Act and its Regulations.
  • Your employer has obligations under WorkSafeBC legislation for your safety when you drive for work whether you drive a company vehicle or your own. They need to verify that employee-owned vehicles used for work are inspected, maintained and operated according to legal requirements as well as company policies and procedures. Expect your employer to ask you for a copy of the vehicle registration and proof of appropriate insurance as well as vehicle inspection and maintenance records.
  • Also expect your employer to confirm that you are qualified to undertake your driving assignments. This means checking that you have a valid driver’s licence and obtaining and reviewing your driver’s abstract. Before allowing you to drive for work, your employer should evaluate your driving skills and behaviours and provide instruction and training to fill in any competency gaps.

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