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All sorts of employers have been taking positive steps to manage the safety of employees when they are driving or riding in a vehicle for work. The case studies below highlight measures that some employers have applied to manage their grey fleet responsibilities. They also show the resulting impressive dividends those companies have enjoyed - fewer employee injuries, less lost productivity and lower property damage and other bottom-line costs that crashes incur.

After each summary, you can read more to learn about the specific measures and procedures the company applied, how they did it, the challenges they encountered and the results they achieved. You may want to apply or adapt some of the same measures to meet your organization's circumstances and needs. Check out Driving for Better Business and National Road Safety Partnership Program to explore other case studies.

Cambridgeshire County Council

cambridgeshire-county-councilAs a local government in the UK, the activities of Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) employees are many and varied. Most employees who drive for work drive private vehicles (grey fleet of about 3500 vehicles) for visits to schools, businesses and other sites. CCC occupational road safety policies cover all council employees that drive or ride for work. Each year, employees submit vehicle insurance and ownership documents, plus their driving license. Managers do spot checks throughout the year. This policy, in concert with mandatory driver training, enabled CCC to reduce crash-related claims by 50%.  Read more.

Central Auto Supplies

central-auto-suppliesCentral Auto Supplies (CAS) is an independent auto parts supplier with a fleet of about 125 vehicles and about 250 employees who are likely to drive as part of their work. CAS has found that training – particularly group style discussions - is the best and most cost effective method of delivering results. Their road safety process focuses on conducting annual driver appraisals, getting drivers to read and sign the Driving Handbook, holding monthly road safety meetings. CAS has seen the number of work-related crashes due to driver error drop from 75% to 30%.  Read more. 


t-mobileT-Mobile is a telecommunications company providing mobile voice and data services to over 17 million UK customers. They have a fleet of 550 vehicles and a grey fleet of 850 vehicles. T-Mobile introduced its Occupational Road Risk Strategy in 2000 when its 1500 vehicle fleet of company cars had an 80% accident rate. Their Occupational Safe Driving Policy requires that all drivers complete an e-learning training module and have their licences checked annually. After implementing the policy with a few other measures, T-Mobile saw an immediate reduction in the number of crashes.  Read more.

Cogent Breeding Ltd

cogent-breedingCogent Breeding Ltd is an agricultural-based company in the UK. They operate a fleet of 50 delivery vehicles (fitted with smart trackers and forward facing cameras), 40 company owned/leased sedans and a grey fleet of 86 vehicles. Over 70% of staff are required to drive for work; many are lone workers because of where they drive. Cogent’s road safety procedures apply to all Cogent employees that drive for work, including grey fleet drivers. Cogent has seen a huge reduction in crashes, injuries and claims, which has now been reflected in their insurance premiums.  Read more.


worley-parsonsWorleyParsons Australia operates some 40 vehicles. When WorleyParsons identified that road safety was its most critical health and safety risk, they took action using the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety ‘5 pillar’ approach. They required all new light and passenger vehicles to have a 5-star NCAP rated vehicles, and employee-owned vehicles, including four-wheel drives, used for work to have at least a 4-star NCAP rating. After reviewing their crash history, they identified 9 Key Safe Behaviours on which to focus their employees. Their road safety efforts reduced crash rates by 36 per cent in just one year.  Read more. (You will need to register for a free account to view this case study.)

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