Thank you to everyone who participated in RSAW Week 2016.
Check back in January 2017 for information about next year's event.

In 2016, Road Safety At Work Week, an annual event for BC workplaces to improve awareness and adoption of effective road safety practices, is March 7 to 11. Each year, the week highlights a different aspect of workplace driving. This year, the focus is on helping employers, managers and supervisors better understand and deliver on their responsibilities to employees who drive for work.

Whether an employee’s job is driving full time - such as a trucker, courier, school bus or taxi driver – or whether their job requires them to drive only some of the time - such as a homecare worker, tradesperson or sales person - employers, managers and supervisors have the same responsibilities to employees when they are behind the wheel as when they are on the shop floor, in the office or on a construction site. Employees are also on the hook when they are behind the wheel for work. They must drive safely at all times and follow their organizations’ policies and procedures.

Responsibility extends to employees who drive their own vehicles for work

Employers, supervisors and managers are also responsible whether their employees are driving their own vehicles or company vehicles. Most BC employers - 64 per cent - have employees who use their own vehicles for work purposes1.

However, many employers believe it is an employee’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are maintained and in good working order even though they drive them for work. Only three quarters – 75 per cent - check to make sure their employees who drive have a valid licence. Less than a third – 31 per cent – check to make sure employee vehicles are in good working order2.

Available on this site

On this site, you will find resources that explain workplace road safety responsibilities. There are quizzes to test your knowledge, practical guides to help you decipher the Regulations and Acts that govern road safety in the workplace and tools to help you comply with requirements. There is also a free online course to help you learn more about employer road safety responsibilities.

If you are a driver, you will find information about your responsibilities too. You’ll also find practical things you can do to get involved in RSAW Week.

Why invest in road safety

Strong road safety programs have been proven to help companies reduce crashes and avoid costly downtime. More importantly, fewer crashes mean fewer injuries, fewer WorkSafeBC claims and fewer lost work days. Make a commitment to improving the road safety of your workplace now. Road safety is smart business!

1 Characteristics of the Grey Fleet in British Columbia, JIBC, G.S. Anderson and R. Bowles, April 2014, p. 6

2 Characteristics of the Grey Fleet in British Columbia, JIBC, G.S. Anderson and R. Bowles, April 2014. pp. 8-9

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