Case Studies

There is no one solution or magic bullet that is going to improve your organization’s road safety performance overnight. For most companies, improvements result after a variety of initiatives are implemented that work together to improve results.

The case studies listed here describe a range of ideas and approaches for you to draw from and adapt to meet your specific circumstances and needs. If you want to explore case studies further, check out Driving for Better Business and National Road Safety Partnership Program. Both offer an extensive array of cases for you to learn from.

As you review the experiences of other companies, remember, if they can do it, why can’t you? All it takes is vision, commitment and hard work. The results in saved lives, improved financials and effective operations will be worth it. If your organization has found success in its road safety efforts, we would be happy to help you share it with others. Send us an email and we can discuss posting the good news here.

Iron Mountain

Iron MountainIron Mountain’s operation in the UK and Ireland has 300 vans and 150 trucks and its drivers cover about 200,000 miles a week. In 2008, it embarked on a five-point road safety strategy to improve its fleet operations. The results have been significant including reducing the number of speeding tickets by 80 per cent without affecting on-time delivery rates, reducing the number of crashes by 74 per cent and reducing vehicle damage and third-party costs by 60 per cent.   Read more.

Blue Care

Blue CareBlue Care is an Australian not-for-profit with a 1,500 –vehicle fleet that provides community and residential care services for seniors and special needs groups. Making vehicle and road safety a central focus of fleet management delivered major savings in insurance premiums which were three per cent lower in 2011-2012 than the previous year, a 10 per cent decrease in at-fault accidents between 2008 and 2011 compared to a 10 per cent growth in fleet numbers, and a significant reduction in serious crashes including rollovers.  Read more.

RES Teesdale Scaffold Ltd.

RES Teesdale Scaffold Ltd.RES Teesdale Scaffold Ltd. is a small family-run scaffolding company that operates throughout Northeastern England. It has 10 vehicles that cover about 125,000 miles a year. It has kept its crash rates low and its vehicle insurance premiums constant over many years by emphasizing that a good understanding and implementation of driving regulations is the starting point for all driving activity.  Read more.

Boral Logistics

Boral LogisticsBoral Logistics operates in Australia delivering sand, aggregates and quarry materials. It employs 320 company and owner-driver contractors who in 2012-13, travelled nearly 27 million kilometres. It has found that simply understanding and complying with road safety regulations translated into bottom line savings, such as fewer motor vehicle crashes and less lost time to injury costs, as well as increased productivity through eligibility for accreditation status. It also found that ensuring employees know and understand the benefits of compliance increased their engagement and acceptance.   Read more. (You may have to create a free account to review this case study.)


NestleIn 2004, Nestlé calculated it had to sell 235 million Kit Kats a year to cover its fleet insurance costs. That discovery spurred it to create a road safety framework which was adopted in a few of its locations at first but which has since expanded to most of its operations around the world including Nestlé Mexico. Nestlé Mexico operates 3,900 cars, trucks, vans, buses and motor cycles, in some of the world’s most dangerous traffic conditions. Yet a year after introducing its road safety program, it experienced reductions in fatalities from 3 to 0, injuries by 48 per cent, collisions by 39 per cent and claims frequency/costs by 22 per cent.   Read more.

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