Promoting Road Safety At Work Week

Be part of Road Safety At Work Week March 2-6

Be a part of Road Safety At Work Week by engaging your organization to drive phone free. You will be contributing to a safer workplace and safer roads for all British Columbians. Here are a few simple things you can do to get your organization involved.

Promote the pledge

Once you have taken the pledge, circulate the link to your co-workers, supervisors, managers and others in your organization as well as your friends and family. Write a note (sample pledge message) to accompany the link and challenge them to get on board.

Go social

If you are a Twitter or Facebook fan, share your phone-free driving experiences. Find out how others manage phone-free driving and share their tips too. Consider sending a message each day of the campaign week which is March 2-6. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Also, follow Road Safety at Work on Twitter @RoadSafeAtWork and share campaign safety messages.

Display and distribute Road Safety At Work Week posters

  1. Print either Road Safety At Work Week Van poster or Road Safety At Work Week Truck poster. Place it in your lobby, lunchroom or other high-traffic area before the campaign launch date to help create awareness.
  2. Email your favourite poster to co-workers and business contacts. Ask them to post it in their workplaces.

This will be a powerful reminder to help employees, visitors and customers to turn their phones off before getting behind the wheel.

Sample campaign message to employees and others

Distribute a message (sample message to employees) to your employees, contractors, sub-contractors, as well as a message (sample message to customers) to your suppliers and customers about your involvement with the campaign. Consider distributing the message the week before the Road Safety At Work Week campaign launch date on March 2 so people are well aware in advance that your company is going phone-free when driving.

Other employee communications

Every day during the week of March 2 to 6, choose a tip from either Tips for all Drivers or Tips for Commercial Drivers and distribute it to your employees.

During the Week, make your safety meetings and tailgate meetings all about road safety. Ask employees to share their experiences with driving phone-free.

Email signature

Include a message about driving phone-free in your email signature and encourage others to do so as well. Here are some examples:

  • I drive phone free. Do you? Take the phone-free pledge now.
  • When I’m behind the wheel, driving is my only job.
  • On the road, the smartest phone is off. I drive phone-free.

Website and newsletters

Post a Road Safety At Work Week banner on the front page of your website or newsletter. On your website, hyperlink the graphic to Road Safety At Work Week.

The banners come in three sizes:

160px X 160px

300px X 250px

728px X 90px

Place a story about Road Safety at Work Week on your website or in your organization’s internal and external communication channels such as an intranet or company newsletter.

Here are two examples you can customize:


Place an ad customized with your corporate logo in local community newspapers or online media site. If you would like to receive a customized ad, please email a high-resolution jpeg, tiff, eps or ai file of your logo to

Share your experiences with others

We can all learn from each other’s successes and challenges. Please share how your organization promoted the Road Safety at Work Week campaign and how your efforts were received by employees. Send Rick Walters an email at

We hope you’ll find these ideas useful within your organization and also encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to share them with your employees, peers, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers.

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