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As someone who either manages or supervises employees who drive for work, you are responsible for creating a safe work environment when they are behind the wheel. As distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle crashes in British Columbia, managing driving distractions is an important part of your job.

When your employees are behind the wheel, driving should be their only job.

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How to help your organization go phone free when driving

Follow this simple four-step process to keep your employees safe and your costs down:

  1. Engage employees and managers to develop and implement a clearly worded distracted driving policy.

    Before you start, check out these example policies - #1, #2, #3 which you can customize for your organization. If you like, take bits and pieces from each one to create your own.

  2. Communicate your policy to your employees.

    Communication is key to the successful implementation of your policy. Communications suggestions include individual meetings with employees, posting the policy on the company intranet and making it a topic for a tailgate meeting. Click here for tips on how to hold successful tailgate meetings.

  3. Support your employees to go phone-free when driving.

    As a manager, part of your role is to help employees understand what’s expected of them when they are driving including the expectation that they will turn their phones off before getting behind the wheel.

    Use these tips to help them understand how to manage the distractions they experience.

    Commercial drivers may experience different circumstances, so use these tips if you supervise or manage those for whom driving is their full-time job.

    Share these sample voicemail messages employees can use when driving or have them customize their own.

  4. Lead by example – Road Safety At Work Week is the perfect time to make a personal pledge to drive phone free

    Leadership starts with you. Your behaviour influences your employees’ behaviour. Therefore, you need to lead by example. You must not only drive phone-free yourself, but support employee phone-free efforts by not expecting them to answer their phones while driving.

    So, take the pledge and challenge your co-workers, supervisors, managers, senior managers and your company’s owner to take the phone-free pledge too.

Resources for Employers and Supervisors


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