2018 BC Care Providers Association Conference Prize Winner

Congratulations to Heather Martin on winning a vehicle safety kit with one year of road side assistance!

Heather works for Comfort Keepers and was one of 500 delegates at the BC Care Providers 41st Annual Conference in May. The conference highlighted a global shift in the model of care from acute to home and community. Through topic-focused break-out sessions and networking with colleagues and industry leaders, attendees gained insight into best practices and new technology in the sector. They explored how a culture of innovation and person-centered care can improve quality of services, access to services, and health outcomes for clients.

Comfort Keepers’ caregivers travel to clients’ homes to provide services and living assistance, allowing seniors and disabled people to live comfortably and independently. Heather noted that safety is of paramount importance for caregivers and their clients, and that Comfort Keepers regularly promotes safety through newsletters and other communications.

We spoke with Heather about the fact that motor vehicle incidents are the leading cause of traumatic workplace injuries and fatalities. Heather stated “Since our caregivers are on the road for a great part of their day, we will make an extra effort to integrate and promote road safety to our staff on a go-forward basis to ensure that they go home safely to their families at the end of their work day.”

Congratulations Heather, and thank you for striving to provide a safe workplace for your employees!

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2018 BC Care Providers Association Conference Prize Winner