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shift into winter

Shift into Winter driving

October 1, 2023

This month’s road safety goal is to prepare for winter driving conditions. Choose 1 or more of the following activities to help you reach that goal.


  • Review our Shift into Winter Employer Tool Kit.
  • Have employees review our winter driving information to learn how to adjust their driving to match road and weather conditions.
  • Have employees watch our 1-hour Shift into Winter: Practical BC Winter Driving Tips webinar.
  • If you’re a commercial carrier, review our information on winterizing your road safety program.



  • Complete our Winter Driving Safety for Employers and Supervisors course.
  • Watch our 1-hour Keeping Your Employees Safe During Winter Driving webinar
  • Hold a tailgate meeting to discuss what you learned.



  • Develop a winter driving safety policy or review your existing policy.
  • Have your drivers review our guide on when, where, and how to chain up.


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