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Manage journeys

Manage and plan journeys

September 1, 2023

This month’s road safety goal is to eliminate unnecessary driving by employees and managing the risks of necessary driving. Choose 1 or more of the following activities to help you reach that goal.


  • Review our Journey Management and Trip Planning Tool Kit.
  • Watch WorkSafeBC’s 3-minute video Driving for Work: The Journey Management Process at a safety meeting and discuss.
  • Use our easy TripCheck online tool to plan trips in as little as 3 minutes.



  • Develop or enhance your journey management and trip planning policy.
  • Have drivers watch our 1-hour At the Crossroads: How to Travel Through Intersections Safely Webinar.
  • Use ICBC crash maps to review 3 routes your employees drive frequently. Identify alternatives if those routes include high crash frequency intersections.



  • Complete our online course Building an Effective Journey Management Process. From the list in Lesson 4 Topic 2, identify 2 components you’ll focus on in the coming year.


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