Driving while fatigued is a significant road safety concern: it is a factor in at least 20% of fatal motor vehicle collisions. Do you have a solid understanding of what fatigue is, and how it contributes to crashes?

As an employer of people who operate a vehicle as part of their work responsibilities, become knowledgeable about the signs, effects and hazards of fatigue so you can implement practices that minimize the risks and consequences of fatigue in your organization.

As an employee, you have a duty to arrive prepared for work, and to conduct your work without undue risk to yourself, or others. Fatigue compromises your ability to meet those obligations. Discover measures you can apply to manage fatigue, and that will contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

This section provides the following resources.

  • Fatigue Basics

    This section provides statistics that illustrate how significant of a road safety issue fatigue has become, defines and describes driving fatigue, and explains the primary factors that contribute to fatigue.

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  • Impacts and Risk Groups

    Look here to learn about physiological impacts of fatigue, and how they impair a driver’s ability to perform safely and reliably. Some individuals and groups are at greater risk of becoming fatigued; find out if you or your employees fit those categories.

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  • Tools and Resources for Employers

    See practical guidance that will help you recognize a fatigued employee, and the things you can do to reduce fatigue-related risks for your driving employees. Find out about fatigue monitoring devices, and Fatigue Risk Management Systems that have become mandatory in some jurisdictions.

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  • Tools and Resources for Employees

    Learn how to recognize the signs and determine if you are becoming fatigued. Read about the practical ways by which you can reduce your fatigue risks, plus the simple steps you can take to combat fatigue in your own workplace on wheels.

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