Step 5: Plan for Action

An action plan provides the organization with a roadmap to reduce or eliminate motor vehicle incidents. A structured process includes development of a cost-benefit rationale, which is the foundation for a business case. An action plan worksheet is provided.

Why Develop an Action Plan?

Use a structured process for developing an action plan to help you plan, develop and implement your selected strategies efficiently and effectively. An action plan can also be used in a business case to obtain resources for improving your road safety program.

How to Develop an Action Plan

This step will help you put the strategies from the Develop Strategies Worksheet into action. Completing the Action Plan Worksheet will provide you with direction to develop and implement these strategies. Read the worksheet instructions first and view the Sample Worksheet. This is the last in the series of three worksheets.

If you have a long list of strategies, select the ones you want to develop and implement. Consider:

  • Costs versus benefits
  • Your available resources
  • Difficulty in implementing

Look for "quick wins." These are strategies that could help your program gain credibility and/or momentum in the early stages.

Log in to access the worksheet.  You will be taken to the first of three worksheets. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click "Next" until you get to the Action Plan Worksheet.

What Happens Next?

1. Complete the steps in your action plan to implement the strategy
After obtaining approval (as required) and the budget necessary to proceed, complete the steps you identified in your action plan.
2. Evaluate success
This is one of the most critical steps in the process. Evaluation tells you whether the strategies were successful. How often you evaluate depends on your organization, the strategy and the goals. Many organizations schedule an annual evaluation process.
Do a status review to evaluate your success.


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