Step 4: Develop Strategies

Developing strategies that target not only drivers, but also the vehicles they drive and the journeys they make is an important step in reducing or eliminating road safety risks and hazards. A tool is provided to help identify strategies, related costs and potential benefits.

Why Develop Strategies?

Organizations develop strategies to address their most significant occupational road safety risks, hazards and problems. In this step you can use the Develop Strategies Worksheet to document:

  • A list of strategies to reduce the top risks and hazards you identified
  • The costs and benefits for each strategy
  • Which strategies will most benefit your organization

How to Develop Strategies

  1. Review the priority risks and hazards you identified in your Risk and Hazards Worksheet.
  2. See Recommended ORS Strategies for a list of strategy ideas.
  3. Conduct a brainstorming session with a small group of stakeholders. Involve those affected by any potential changes. This will help you develop appropriate and effective strategies that are supported by employees. The strategies you choose will depend on the risk, hazard or problem you are addressing. Use the Occupational Health and Safety step-by-step approach for developing strategies:
    Developing Strategies
    Elimination Remove the hazard
    Engineering Controls Reduce exposure to the hazard or risk by changing equipment and/or work processes
    Administrative Controls Change the way work is done, including the timing of work, policies, procedures, training, and maintenance
    Personal protective Equipment Provide equipment that protects workers when they are exposed to hazards

    Ensure you focus on drivers, their vehicles and journeys. Following are some common categories for strategy development:

    Vehicles Policies, procedures, standards and documentation
    Journeys Use of alternative routes, journey planning and policies
    Drivers Written documentation
    Safe driving policy, handbook, and pledge
    Hiring processes
    Training and education
    Mentoring and support
    Emergency procedures
    Incident reporting and investigation
    Recognition program
    Corrective action
    Contractor policies


  4. Complete the  Develop Strategies Worksheet. Read the worksheet instructions first and view the Sample Worksheet. This worksheet is the second in a series of three; you will have to log in to access the worksheet. You will be taken to the first of three worksheets. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click "Next" to get to the Develop Strategies Worksheet. It can be used online or printed off. If you complete the worksheets online, the information will automatically forward from one worksheet to the next.
  5. After completing the worksheet, select the strategies you wish to develop and implement.
    • Costs versus benefits
    • Your organization's available resources
    • Your organization's ability to develop the various strategies

    Look for strategies that are easily implemented. These strategies could help your program gain credibility and/or momentum in the early stages.

BC's Preferred Practices

Step 4: Develop Strategies BC's Preferred Practices - Step 4: Develop Strategies
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