Is texting the new impaired driving?

Talking on your phone. Reaching for a water bottle. Adjusting the temperature. All these activities are a distraction if you’re driving. And distraction can be just as risky as driving while impaired, according to a Traffic Injury Research Foundation study … More »

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Recognize and Reduce Intersection Risks

You may be surprised to know that driving through an intersection is one of the most dangerous situations a driver can encounter on the road. After all, most drivers stop at traffic lights, make turns, or simply pass through dozens … More »

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Adjusting Driver Training Protocols Through a Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected the many ways in which we interact, including driver training. Even though we all hope to return to “normal” in the not-too-distant future, it’s likely that driver training adaptations will have to continue for the time being. … More »

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Pandemic is impacting driving, too

Since the global pandemic has affected virtually all aspects of our lives, it’s not surprising that its reach extends to driving risk. A US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found increases in the incidence of alcohol or drugs in … More »

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Distracted Driving Policies Pay Off

When you’re in business, preventing losses can be just as financially rewarding as generating revenue. But, knowing when, what, and how much to invest to reduce or eliminate those losses can be confusing, particularly when there are competing priorities. The … More »

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Back in the Saddle – Driving after a Break

There is a common saying that “once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget.” That may be true, but you can get rusty. Driving is no different. Like any learned skill, your driving skills can fade without … More »

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Be Inspired by this Road Safety Success Story

National Hydronics Group Sheilagh Rally’s can-do attitude came in handy when she started working for National Hydronics Group (NHG) in September 2018. As the new Corporate Safety Officer, she wanted to make a quick and obvious difference in her new … More »

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Manage the Risk of Impaired Driving with an Impairment Policy

Between 1995 and 2016, the number of people who died in a motor vehicle crash involving a drinking driver generally decreased by about 55 percent, but the two most recent years for which data is available (2015 and 2016) saw … More »

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Top 10 downloads of 2019

Just as Billboard has its list of the top 10 songs of the year, we have our list of the top 10 downloads of the year. In total, we had over 100,000 downloads in 2019! Without further ado, here are … More »

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How Did Norway Achieve the Lowest Traffic Fatality Rate in the World?

Since 2010, Norway has cut the number of traffic fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes nearly in half – from 208 to 107. That’s an impressive accomplishment since the country already has one of the best road safety records in … More »

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