Calculator: Getting Started

The MVI Cost Calculator is easy to use and does not require you to spend hours collecting data. It is an effective, efficient way to estimate the true costs of the most common type(s) of MVIs (motor vehicle incidents) experienced by your workers who drive.

  • Choose the most common type of MVI experienced by your workers (e.g., rear enders; backing-up incidents).
  • Select one single incident of this type.
  • Use the calculator to estimate costs for that one incident and then all of the incidents of that type within your organization within a year.
  • Provide estimated costs for each item if you don’t have exact data.
  • If a section in the calculator is not relevant to your situation, move on to the next.
  • All data input to this calculator is confidential. Print a summary report of your calculations. Once you leave the calculator, all data is lost.

Provide a name and description for your company

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Description of incident*: (including injury and/or vehicle damage)

Note: This calculator adapted with permission from WorkSafeBC’s Small Business Safety Calculator. Privacy Statement