Establish Effective Controls

Controls are the measures used to eliminate or minimize exposure to hazards, and to protect workers from harm. You may want to build controls from scratch, or adapt existing ones to fit the driving circumstances in your workplace.

Some measures are more effective than others for controlling the driving-related hazards your employees encounter. The Hierarchy of Controls is a systematic approach to identifying actions and processes that will successfully minimize risks. Read more

Each employer has a duty to explain the principles that they expect will guide the decisions of supervisors when they assign work-related driving. Policies are also essential because they steer the procedures and practices that employees must follow when they drive for work. Read more

Hand in hand with policies, procedures are specific instructions for the steps employees will take to accomplish a given task and achieve an intended result. Whether it's to orient new employees, evaluate drivers or inspect vehicles, it's important to build procedures that employees will understand and apply consistently. Read more

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Step 1: Plan

Step 2: Do

 Establish Effective Controls

 Focus on Drivers

 Conduct Driver Orientations

 Apply Journey Management

 Use Safe Vehicles


 Provide Necessary Supervision

Step 3: Check

Build Your Road Safety Program