Road Safety Risk Profile

Use the Road Safety Risk Profile tool to identify and rank key areas of risk exposure in your organization. Categorized using the familiar driver – journey – vehicle format, each risk factor is associated with a driving-related hazard that causes or contributes to motor vehicle incidents.

For each risk factor, think about your workplace – the people who drive for work-related purposes, the journeys or trips they make, and the vehicles they use. Then, consider the three Risk Level criteria. Assign a score by clicking on the box immediately below the criteria that best matches circumstances in your workplace. Most risk factors are relevant to most workplaces, but it is not necessary to score risk factors that do not apply to your workplace.

Each risk factor scored as “HIGH” identifies an area of exposure that you can address to help prevent crashes. As you complete the process, look at the “Feedback and Analysis” section on page 3 for a summary of the risk scores, as well as guidance and links to resources you can use to tackle the highest priority issues.

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